About NAIB

NAIB champions the innovation of industrial banks to expand access to credit, guarantee consumer choice, and providing unique banking services to Americans.


Industrial banks have existed for nearly 100 years and operate under a number of titles; industrial banks, industrial loan banks, industrial loan corporations, thrift and loan companies.  These banks engage in consumer and commercial lending on both a secured and unsecured basis.  They do not offer demand checking accounts but do accept time deposits, savings deposit money market accounts and deposits that may be withdrawn through negotiable orders for withdrawal (“NOW” accounts).

Serving Americans Today

Industrial banks provide a broad array of products and services to customers nationwide, including some of the most under-served segments of the U.S. economy. Banks serving truckers, taxi drivers and postage buyers operate alongside some of the largest credit card and commercial finance companies in the nation – all operating under the IB charter. The CRA programs conducted by industrial banks have provided millions to community development programs and helped transform severely blighted areas in the communities they serve.