American’s Need Access to Reliable Credit


For many years’ advocacy groups have described financial services public policy issues under the rubric “Wall Street vs. Main Street.” While that debate may have meaning in the political world, in reality, consumers and small businesses alike just need reliable access to credit.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • A New York City taxi driver scrimps and saves a down payment to buy his own taxi. To

operate in NYC he needs to buy a “medallion”—the license disk required by the city’s

commission—which costs a daunting $700,000.

  • A small town contractor has achieved a reputation as a premier installer of energy efficient windows and wants to offer his customers on the spot financing to increase sales and to be paid immediately for his work.
  • A local car dealer needs cash management services that will allow her to manage dealership funds from her desktop.
  • New parents want to plan for future health costs and save on their taxes. They decide to open a Health Savings Account.
  • A small businesswoman relies on mail to ship her products, send invoices and communicate with customers. She needs flexibility and convenient access to fund her postage needs via a small business line of credit or to prepay for postage all while earning interest on those funds.
  • A growing company needs reliable inventory financing and a suite of deposit products tailored to its business cycle.
  • A motorcycle enthusiast is eager buy his first bike. He needs a lender who understands motorcycle values and insurance.

What do these customers have in common?

An Industrial Bank served these American consumers and businesses.